SuperShore™ MultiProp


The Multiprop is well known and accepted in the construction industry and has been used for many years, on many building and construction sites, in many different applications. It provides a simple, quick, light weight and flexible method of temporary support where it is needed. These props also have the ability to be arranged in a tower of four to enhance formwork systems to cope with larger concrete structures. There is also a range of attachments to carry beams and other structural items.


MP 350 (6.4 – 11.5 ft)
MP 480 (8.5 – 15.8 ft)
MP 625 (14 - 20.5 ft)

MP350: 43 LBS
MP480: 55 LBS
MP625: 77 LBS


Weight Max
MP350: 20,458 LBF
MP480: 19,896 LBF
MP625: 12,634 LBF